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Full SPectrum SUPPORT for Abortion, Miscarriage or Infant Loss

Full Spectrum doulas offer the doula model of care and support to people across the “full spectrum” of reproductive experiences and pregnancy outcomes – which include live birth, abortion, adoption, miscarriage, stillbirth and early or late term termination for fetal anomalies. If you are experiencing a loss or facing a challenging choice, you don't have to go through this alone. Support is available for you. I will come with you to the clinic, hospital or home and keep you company, and provide physical and emotional support as needed (heating pads, warm meals, blankets, grounding touch and reiki if wanted) and keep in touch with you afterwards to insure that you are being supported, that you are healing and to help you find and access other community resources you may need.

There is no fee for this service, however donations are very welcome to help me keep time open to provide this support to families in my community.



Due to concerns about toxoplasmosis, caring for the family cat can present you with a challenge during pregnancy and recovery, especially if you are a single parent, your partner has allergies or aversions, or you are living far away from family.  I can help you with that.  Treat your feline family members to doula support!  They'll enjoy a tidy litter box, a little extra TLC, and less overall territorial stress during your pregnancy and postpartum period. You’ll enjoy it too! No smell, and no stress over dealing with litter and cleanup.

I will come to your home once a day (you can leave me a key or be home to let me in) and give your cats the same tender loving care that I lavish on my own. I will scoop litter, freshen the sand if needed, tidy the litter area, sweep up, wash and fill food bowls and give your cats some love and affection. I also scrub your litter box out and completely refresh the sand once a month, to keep things smelling extra fresh in your home.

My service area for pet support is currently limited to St. Johns and parts of North Portland. Contact me for more information! High quality treats and toys included!