portland doula

Hello Portland! Ch, ch, ch, ch, chaaaanges!

After an intense two years of births, clients, and life (holy cow was it 2017 when I last updated, wow, it got busy!) our family made some big changes. Not the least of which being the one where we packed up ourselves, the cats, and all our stuff, and made tracks for Portland, OR in order to be closer to our kids. It’s been a pretty stressful move, there’s still entirely too much cardboard in my house, but I think I’ll be ready to start taking clients again by mid-January. It’s been a few months and I’m looking forward to it, I’ve really missed it!

Since we landed in North Portland, it looks like I’ll be serving clients primarily on the east side of the river. I’m not super crazy about driving over bridges, even though I live near one of the prettiest bridges in the area.

I’m also changing my business model a little bit with this move. I’m only going to be booking one birth client per calendar month going forward, and limiting my postpartum bookings a bit, as well. I feel this will give me the most flexibility for my clients’ schedules and unexpected needs, and allow me to focus on each family more. This feels right and I’m looking forward to opening the space for increased connections with my birth and postpartum clients!

I’m still doing nanny work and have some openings there, as well.

Portland, I look forward to discovering you!