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Hello Portland! Ch, ch, ch, ch, chaaaanges!

After an intense two years of births, clients, and life (holy cow was it 2017 when I last updated, wow, it got busy!) our family made some big changes. Not the least of which being the one where we packed up ourselves, the cats, and all our stuff, and made tracks for Portland, OR in order to be closer to our kids. It’s been a pretty stressful move, there’s still entirely too much cardboard in my house, but I think I’ll be ready to start taking clients again by mid-January. It’s been a few months and I’m looking forward to it, I’ve really missed it!

Since we landed in North Portland, it looks like I’ll be serving clients primarily on the east side of the river. I’m not super crazy about driving over bridges, even though I live near one of the prettiest bridges in the area.

I’m also changing my business model a little bit with this move. I’m only going to be booking one birth client per calendar month going forward, and limiting my postpartum bookings a bit, as well. I feel this will give me the most flexibility for my clients’ schedules and unexpected needs, and allow me to focus on each family more. This feels right and I’m looking forward to opening the space for increased connections with my birth and postpartum clients!

I’m still doing nanny work and have some openings there, as well.

Portland, I look forward to discovering you!

Whale Song or Whitesnake... You Lead, Let's Dance.

Not every doula likes patchouli on their pillows! 

Not every doula likes patchouli on their pillows! 

I recently read an article in the Washington Post and I loved it! I loved that with her doula's support,  she had an empowered, supported birth experience. That's the goal! 

But I am not that kind of doula and that's okay. We're a pretty diverse group of people with a wide range of philosophies regarding birth. 

If I'm your doula, I will not throw away your tv dinners unless you specifically say, "Get those tv dinners out of my fridge and into a dumpster."  If dietary changes are what you want, I will work with you as you find your way. And, if you want me to warm up some frozen macaroni and cheese, I'm going to do that without an extra helping of side-eye. It's your call. 

I also won't give you a vaccination book unless you ask for it, I'm sorry.  I trust you to explore that topic yourself, with your physician and your child's pediatrician and my plan as your doula is to respectfully support all the parenting choices you make for your family. 

Not every doula uses a boot camp approach when it comes to being a birth partner.

I focus on empowering you to direct your own experience. My goal is to help you find your own happy place in the process. You may need me to take a more assertive role for a minute. You may need me to back off an hour later because you found your rhythm. It's a dance. We're birth partners. I will play you the Hamilton soundtrack, whale songs, the nae nae song or even your old Whitesnake CDs during labor if you want them.

The right support at the right time can make a profound difference and what is needed is unique and different for every birth, every mother, every baby. 

We are vulnerable when we're pregnant and birthing, not to mention afterwards. Support is imperative and you deserve to have abundant support during your birthing year and beyond. But you get to say what that looks like for you.  You may not like patchouli. You may want a cheeseburger. You may not want to throw away the tv dinners. And that's ok. Meeting you where you are is the point. 

Whether patchouli pillows are involved or not, it's my wish that every birthing parent can feel national news happy with their birth experience and the supportive care that they receive from every member of their birth team.